James E. Lalonde Jacket Photo

I grew up in one of the most wonderful places on the planet, Missoula, Montana. From a young age, I roamed free in the mountains and wilderness. The Big Sky inspired me to dream and to challenge myself in the outdoors. Solitude gave me a powerful sense of the profound, of something much bigger than you or I or even the Big Sky.

Most of all, I was a high school science nerd—I placed third in the International Science Fair in Applied Physics. Together, these two passions fueled my curiosity about the world beyond my little hometown. I started off with the intent to become a doctor. I earned a BS in Biology from Gonzaga University, but soon realized—while looking into the eyes of my hapless lab frog—that this path was not for me.

What I wanted to do was write. That’s how I became an environment and technology journalist—at Seattle’s Weekly; at The Seattle Times; and at the NBC affiliate KING TV News. I also was involved in the start up of several software and digital media companies.

I’ve had many other odd careers, ranging from working the Pipeline in the Arctic Circle; fishing in the Gulf of Alaska; a stint in the Merchant Marines; working with the homeless and mentally ill as a counselor; and one of my favorites—a few years as an Italian Gelato maker.

In 2015, I earned an MFA from Pacific University, in Forest Grove, Ore. Along the way, I was twice a finalist in the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Literary Contest. I indie published a novel, Holotar: Last Queen of the White Shamans. I can’t say that I made enough money to buy a round of Gelato, but Holotar was Number 25 in the ‘Amazon Top 100 Free Novels’ promotion in 2012, with over 3000 downloads.

My new novel, Cloud Nine, was inspired by Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World—but is wheels-down in our own brave new world, where the battle is on to defeat death.
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