I am a Seattle writer and technologist with a passion for AI, nanotechnology, cybernetics and the quest for power, omnipotence and immortality. Call it the coming Singularity—or the Second Coming. We live in interesting times.

I grew up in one of the most interesting places on the planet, Missoula, Montana. From a young age, I roamed free in the mountains and wilderness. The Big Sky inspired me to dream and to challenge myself in the outdoors. Solitude gave me a powerful sense of the profound, of something much bigger than you or me or even the Big Sky.

Most of all, I was a high school science nerd—I placed third in the International Science Fair in Applied Physics. Together, these two passions fueled my curiosity about the world beyond my little hometown. I started off with the intent to become a doctor. I earned a BS in Biology from Gonzaga University, but soon realized—while looking into the eyes of my hapless lab frog—that this path was not for me.

What I wanted to do was write. That’s how I became an environment and technology journalist—at Seattle’s Weekly, The Seattle Times and at the NBC affiliate KING TV News. I also was involved in the startup of several software and digital media companies.

I’ve had many other careers, ranging from working the Pipeline in the Arctic Circle; fishing in the Gulf of Alaska; a stint in the Merchant Marines; working with the homeless and mentally ill as a counselor; and a few years as an Italian gelato maker.

In 2015, I earned an MFA from Pacific University, in Forest Grove, OR. Along the way, I was twice a finalist in the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Literary Contest. I published an indie novel, Holotar: Last Queen of the White Shamans—the tale of a video game monster made real. I can’t say that I made enough money to buy a round of gelato, but Holotar was Number 25 in the ‘Amazon Top 100 Free Novels’ promotion, with over 3000 downloads. It’s a good scary read.

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